The Perks of JAVA – Brand Blending 

JAVA will be featured at the Benrus Nantucket location all summer long, so grab a ticket for the ferry, hop on your boat, or steal a biplane and get out to the Island for a scenic day of shopping.  And don’t forget to exfoliate and moisturize with JAVA products to keep your skin healthy and glowing.


While the day was rainy, the JAVA team had sunny dispositions as we got off the ferry in Nantucket and headed to the “brandie” new Benrus store at 21 Main Street, the newest location we have added to our wonderful list of retailers.  The weather couldn’t stop us from being excited to set up our custom display we had create specifically for this exciting new location.


The newest addition to the Benrus family is located in a quintessential store front in the heart of the Nantucket shopping district.  Stocked with great Benrus merch, it makes a perfect addition to the areas great retail locations.



The three Lazrus brothers founded the All-American brand Benrus as early as 1921. Their operation was known for their classic, moderately priced wrist watches for the common American man. As Benrus decided to progress their national pride, they contributed to the war effort by creating specialized and sophisticated watches for the US military in WWI and WWII. Benrus still celebrates their love for the US by designing military inspired lifestyle branded merchandise along with timeless wristwatches, apparel, accessories, travel bags, and eye wear.

While you are there binging on the Benrus brand, you can also check out the beautiful Bourbon & Boweties bangles.  The display cases are filled with these brightly colored beauties.




Carley Ochs, the founder of Bourbon & Boweties, first began handcrafting bangles for friends and family with unique stones she brought back from China. As word of mouth broke out about her creations, she decided to sell them at more then 45 store locations around the country.  Each Bourbon & Boweties bracelet is delicately designed with hand-selected natural stones originating from countries all around the world and are uniquely crafted on a gold plated metal wire bangle. Bourbon & Boweties bangles are still hand-crafted in the USA by local women and ‘made by PROUD Southern hands’.



JAVA & Benrus Bag_600

clothes_and_doubleshot_display_400      backpack2_400      We are so honored and excited to be sharing a space with these fantastic brands.  The Benrus team was welcoming and attentive, and we cannot wait to take a trip back out to visit.  Did I mention that we all walked out wearing new jeans and bracelets? Love shopping –

photos courtesy of Trisha Kelley Photography

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