JAVA Trio – Cellulite Smoothing Collection



Today we are going to provide a tutorial for reducing the appearance of cellulite with our JAVA Cellulite Smoothing Trio Collection.

We created our tutorial in the early hours at the beautiful Dunes Club in Narragansett, Rhode Island – one of the most breathtaking beaches on the east coast.



Emily Johnson,  Vice President  and JAVA Skin Care muse, is going to take you through the steps of the JAVA Trio Ritual.



What you will need:


9  10


The FIRST STEP is very important…….






Before showering, apply JAVA Body Scrub to “affected” areas (any dimply or less than firm spot on your body, legs, bottom, tummy, upper arms) in a circular motion. The high percentage of caffeine ensures absorption deep into your skin, and the circular massage will redistribute fat evenly, decrease fluid retention and increase circulation.

Then, wrap the area with a towel, and let the mixture soak in for fifteen minutes. While you wait, relax; flip through your favorite magazine…The circular motion of the scrub will stimulate the blood flow to your tummy/buttocks/thighs, increasing blood flow to the area, and redistributes the fat. During the time right after scrubbing,  the antioxidants and caffeine in the green coffee extract  and coffee grounds penetrate your skin, shrinking your fat etc. Rinse and pat dry.


Once dry, apply JAVA Serum. Not only will the serum deliver antioxidants and caffeine deep into your skin’s upper layer, it will create a moisture barrier to continue to keep your skin soft and supple all day.

On days that you’re not scrubbing, while in the shower,use the JAVA Body Bar Soap in a circular massage to maintain the fat redistribution and deliver caffeine and antioxidants to your skin (similar to a dry brushing technique).


19Always remember to finish with JAVA Serum which will create a moisture barrier and will help to keep your skin soft and supple all day.

Continue this JAVA Trio Ritual for 2 weeks. At the end of two weeks, you should see a dramatic reduction in the appearance of cellulite and enjoy firmer, tighter skin that glows!




Emily and I want to hear about your experiences with the JAVA Cellulite Smoothing Trio Collection. Send us your before and after pictures and we will give you a FREE JAVA Body Bar Soap from the JAVA Skin Care Everyday Body Collection to help you maintain your healthy glow!




photos courtesy Trisha Kelley Photography

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