It’s Back – Just in Time for Summer Legs!

doubleshot_600With the warm weather fast approaching, we ladies are starting to think about the look of our legs and what steps we can take to be sure they look their best.One sure way to give our legs a beautiful sun-kissed radiance is with JAVA Skin Care’s Double-Shot Serum.

Double-Shot of what you may ask?

Our luxury blend is loaded with the all-natural, organic ingredients that make JAVA a go-to skin care product for smoothing, moisturizing, and more… including double the green-coffee infused argan oil.double-shot_blog_bath

Double-Shot Serum is super-hydrating, anti-aging and illuminating to give your legs that sexy summer glow. It’s the perfect fix after shaving your legs or after a day in the sun. Your legs will look and feel amazing.double-shot_blog

But, don’t just take our word for it – try it today and experience the Double-Shot treatment for yourself.

Available online at, at our JAVA Skin Care Concept Store at 14 Main Street, Wickford, RI and at fine retailers throughout the country. Visit our website for locations.


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