Do you know The Organic Bunny?

IMG_7857If you don’t already follow her blog, JAVA Skin Care would like to introduce you to The Organic Bunny.

The blog MISSION: prove that an Organic, All-Natural lifestyle can still be glamorous!

The Organic Bunny has used the blogging platform to share her most favorite Organic, Non-Toxic discoveries. So naturally,  her next step was offering a monthly box subscriptions containing these favorites.

JAVA Skin Care was elated to be included in the May box. We sent a Q&A to Organic Bunny to get her thoughts on JAVA Skin Care products and on the organic beauty movement. Here us what she had to say:

IMG_9248How do you take your coffee? Organic, black & iced! I really am not a huge coffee drinker, mostly because most places do not make tasty coffee hehehe. I will only drink it from this one Mom & Pop shop by my house as it’s cold-brewed, Organic and tastes like chocolate. I also really only drink it when I need some serious energy!

How do you choose your beauty products? The first step for me is always reading the label. Once it’s in the clear, I then choose based off colors that compliment my tones which usually include lots of mauves, tans and BOLD colors like red or magenta! I love a clean, bold lip! Performance is also really important to me, it has to work and hold up well. So really, I want it all. Clean, pretty and high-performance, which can be challenging, which is why I started my blog, to really share the best of the best!

What is your favorite JAVA product? My favorite JAVA product is the Body Serum, the smell alone is so intoxicating to me, you want to use it again and again just to get the smell on your body. It also is so moisturizing without being overly greasy which is why it’s my fave. The scrub is a close second, when used with the body serum? Ugh heavenly! I feel like it eats up all of my cellulite and makes my skin brand new again!

What have you heard about up and coming beauty trends from your meet ups with stores like Citrine Natural Beauty Bar, Credo and The Indie Beauty Expo? The green beauty industry is booming, and it’s only going to get bigger which is so amazing to see because it’s been something really important to me for years now. I cannot believe that change is finally here and that women are genuinely into making safer swaps for them and their family. For me basic skincare is sort of “out”, mostly because it seems everyone has a line now. Brands are really going to have to get creative to stand out, offering more than just the staple products. Women really respond well to unique items they may have not seen yet, like a Green Coffee Body Serum 😉 It’s like any industry, quickly evolving which means we are all are going to have to keep up!

How do you use JAVA Serum in your beauty routine?
I love using the JAVA serum right out of the shower when my pores are still open and thirsty. This way, I only have to use a small amount to moisturize my skin and it really does keep my skin hydrated and comfortable all day. There is nothing worse than dry skin so this really is an important step in my daily routine!





Amanda Jo | Founder
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Thanks Organic Bunny

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