Thanksgiving~ Planes,Cooking & Cold Weather…Oh my.

JAVA Tribe members are already posting their (or their visiting, inbound relatives) Thanksgiving travel pictures. This will only pick up in the coming days so we thought to touch upon some overlooked situations during the holiday that will take more of a toll than normal on your skin, and so you can prepare, or tell those visiting you to prepare, for the next 10 days.

Air travel – probably the number 1 assault on skin. The longer the flight, the worse. Dry air, confined quarters, dehydration from little being offered in drink during the flight – we assume most of us are flying economy!

airplane hell

JAVA solutions for Air Travel – before and after your flight: JAVA Eye Serum, JAVA Body Serum, JAVA Double-Body Shot Serum, JAVA Lip Balm.

Thanksgiving Day Cooking – the heat of the kitchen with the sudden cold of needing to go outside to throw out trash, then the food cooking and releasing microscopic oils, dust, and other particles into the air and onto the skin, and an occasional burnt finger, the price of a fabulous dinner is paid for by your skin!


Cold Weather – we have seen many posts from our Tribe who live in northern parts of the USA. Snow already from Colorado to Chicago to Washington DC!!! Snow also means dry air and cold temperature, each doing its part to crack skin and to make itchy, flaky skin. So if you live there full time, or are visiting, get prepared now!

A walk

Our solution to all of these Holiday Issues…JAVA Skin Care of course. Let our products sooth and comfort you all season long.

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