JAVA’s Five Key Ingredients

JAVA SKin Care wants your skin to look and feel glorious in a pure, healthy all-natural way. That is why we incorporate five key all-natural ingredients to “awaken your natural beauty” in a kind,  java-loving way.



Our first key ingredient is Green Coffee (organic arabica coffee bean). It is the signature ingredient found in every JAVA Skin Care product. Cold-pressed green coffee bean extract is one of the most potent antioxidants found on earth to rejuvenate and smooth your skin. It is responsible for reducing the visibility of scar tissue, acne, and wrinkles by bringing the elasticity back into your skin!





The second key ingredient is Artisan Roasted Coffee – roasted right in our own little coffee shop! The caffeine in the roasted coffee beans is key to minimizing red, puffy dry skin and transforming the skin’s appearance into healthy, vibrant skin (not to mention it detoxes).






The third key ingredient is Organic Argan Oil also known as a “miracle ingredient” in the skin care world. Pressed from the nut of the Argan tree in Morocco, argan oil penetrates your skin with moisture while reducing any skin irritation you might have. The argan oil works on all types of skin, no matter the time of year, to make you and your skin glow!
The fourth key insweetalmondoil_smallgredient is Sweet Almond Oil that is created from a cold press process to keep it loaded with vitamins and antioxidants to fix skin disorders such as wrinkles, acne, stretch-marks and cellulite. This Sweet Almond Oil adds an all natural fragrance to JAVA that makes you smell glorious as well.




Last but not least, the fifth key ingredient is Safflower Oil. This oil allows the moisture to not
only cling to your skin, but also lock in the moisture without clogging pores! Trust me, your skin will thank you!


JAVA wants you to feel & look beautiful without the harmful chemicals, dyes and fragrances.


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